As you analyze how light will affect a room, it’s important to consider not just natural light, but the effects of artificial light as well. The lighting you choose – even down to the bulbs and wattage – can change not only the look and feel of a room but also can affect your energy bills as well.

The types of bulbs you choose, along with their brightness – or watts – can completely change how color appears within a room. No longer are lightbulbs, well, just lightbulbs. You have traditional incandescent lights as well as the newer, LED lights, which have greater energy efficiency and can last five times longer.

All things considered, many people prefer an LED due to the efficiency and the relatively low cost per life of the bulb. Traditionally, LEDs have been known to give off a cooler, colored light. But as they’ve become more cost-efficient, they’ve become more sophisticated and with many more options.

Let’s get a bit technical for a moment. The Kelvin temperature is a scale between red and blue, and range in bulbs between 2700K-6500K. The redder the light source, the warmer it appears, the lower the Kelvin temperature. A higher Kelvin temperature, on the other hand, is bluer and cooler.

This means your style will often dictate your preferred lighting.

Generally, yellow light makes colors appear warmer and is often used in traditional interiors. If you like the traditional, warm color, which is more reminiscent of an incandescent bulb, choose an LED that’s 2700 Kelvin.

Contemporary colors often appear relatively cool and are more suited to a bulb that features a blue light. If that’s more your style, choose 3500 Kelvin for a bright white or even 5000 Kelvin for a daylight color, the brightest.

 Take care that the LED you choose is approved for the particular fixture.

LEDs not only last significantly longer than incandescent bulbs, but they also work in varying temperatures, both indoors and outdoors. Regardless of how cold temperatures may get, LEDs will still come on to full brightness as soon as you turn them on (Gone are the days of turning on energy efficient bulbs to dim light, only for them to have to warm up and reach full brightness.).

Look for the Energy Star Certification for assurance that the bulbs have been tested for quality.

Who knew something as simple as a light bulb could change the entire look and feel of a room? Not only can you give a room a quick facelift, but you can improve your energy costs as well. Call Aspira Interior Design at 847-713-5007 for a consultation. We’ll discuss exactly what you’re looking for and find a lighting style that can create the ideal mood for your room.