It’s not unusual for people to come to us at Aspira Interior Design because they’re motivated to transform a space before a big event. After all, when all the eyes of your guests are on a particular room after an interior design project has taken place, it’s an opportunity to show it off, tell stories about the work and generally bask in the warm glow of praise from others.

Our client Marion wanted that effect too, but she was planning for a very different kind of party – not a birthday or an anniversary but a Life Celebration Party.

What kind of party is this? Typically it’s an event in which the person has passed away. But in this instance, Marion had a terminal illness and wanted to be present so that she could have all of her friends over to say how much she appreciated them.

Marion had stated that her Great Room had never been furnished exactly the way she had always wanted. As an obvious bonus, after the party, Marion would be able to use and live in an exciting, newly designed space for the rest of her life. The challenge was that we had approximately only four weeks to find her a new living room set. So our team promptly went to work identifying her a variety of upholstery pieces that were readily available at the Merchandise Mart.

Upon presenting Marion with images of the pieces we selected, she wasn’t totally sold on them. So we drove her an hour to see the furniture at the Robert Allen Showroom. Within 15 minutes of being there, she gravitated to the furniture that was pre-selected, all of which happened to be on clearance and available for a big discount!

We’d created a nice foundation for the living room with a sofa, two chairs and a cocktail table. But the room needed more – including end tables, a sofa table, lighting and accessories. When Marion mentioned that she liked Crate and Barrel, we traveled to the Deer Park store to help fill in the room with these pieces as well as an area rug to help define the living room space.

With special cooperation from our vendors, Aspira’s team pulled everything together a week before the party and ensured that all pieces were delivered by that morning of the Life Celebration Party. We put all the elements of the living room in place exactly where they needed to be by 3pm and Marion’s guests arrived at 5pm!

When we followed up with Marion after the party, we asked her what she thought of the space – she felt it was just perfect. In fact, all of her guests reinforced how good everything looked with their positive remarks to Marion as well.

The party was over, but our work with Marion wasn’t done. In our next post, you’ll discover yet another room we transformed for her and about the amazing results of that project too.

If you have an upcoming big event that you’d like to remodel a room for, take the easiest first step possible – an Aspirational Design Session with Aspira Interior Design. That way, whether you’d like to use our ideas on your own or have our team on your project, you’ll learn in just 90 minutes together what it takes to move forward when time is of the essence. Get started by reaching out to us today!