Welcome to Aspira Interior Design

We realize how significant your home is to your life. It’s where you start and end each day. When you have spaces that have never been completed, or they are filled with cumbersome and outdated furnishings, it’s clearly time for a change.

Whether you are planning to build, move, remodel or update, Aspira Interior Design offers a variety of high quality services and products that will transform a house into your gorgeous home – a sumptuous sanctuary where you will entertain your family and friends for years to come. Surrounding yourself with beautiful furnishings, elegant finishes, the best colors and luxurious lighting assures that you feel good about yourself and your home. In order for a home to be functional it must be organized and have the right pieces in place.

We serve professional and residential clients in Barrington, Lake Zurich, Long Grove, and Chicago. Aspira Interior Design will assist you to effectively channel your energy, so as to positively enhance your life, and those you love.


Getting to know you

We are full service interior design firm. That means we go through all the steps of a design project from start to finish. That includes finding out how you live in your home, and what works and doesn’t work with your family.

We spend time thoughtfully exploring your tastes and intentions. We can also research and purchase your furniture needs. It all begins with a discussion.
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Custom designs suited to your lifestyle

We discover and present the best choices within our agreed upon budget in a timely manner to save you from “overwhelm”, wasting time, and from making mistakes.

We are experienced professional interior designers who are always prepared, organized, and punctual. We listen carefully and collaborate with you to present the best choices to match the kind of home you want to live in.
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Transforming your home with style

Throughout your life, your interests and style shift and change. Most of our clients change up their living space every five years or so. When you are ready for that, you probably know what you want, but need help making it happen.

We begin the design process finding out all the things you envision for your living space. From there, we will create an updated interior that fits your life perfectly.
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