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New Living Room Marks A Celebration Of Life

It’s not unusual for people to come to us at Aspira Interior Design because they’re motivated to transform a space before a big event. After all, when all the eyes of your guests are on a particular room after an interior design project has taken place, it’s an opportunity to show it off, tell stories [...]

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Couple In Old Irving Park Gets A Brand New Design Perspective

A couple months ago, I shared my story of how I was training to become a professional pilot. Whenever I’m flying, the skies can pose certain weather conditions where the journey is never exactly the same way twice. That type of variability can actually feel the same way when my feet are firmly on the [...]

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How I Spread My Wings After Being Grounded

At one time in my life, I was intensely training to have a career so completely different than what I do today at Aspira Interior Design that some people would be surprised to learn it about me. It actually was a path that ultimately led to the defining moment of my career. You see, I [...]

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Designing For Light When There Are “Gray Days”

Here in Chicago, we don’t always have sunny days, particularly in the more dreary days of Winter. So how do we chase the “blahs” away through smart design? The first thing homeowners think of when it comes to changing a mood is the paint color. “We need to freshen up this room with more bright [...]

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A Fresh Perspective on Color : Natural Light

Who hasn’t been in this situation? You agonize over choosing a paint color for a room. You hang paint chips on the wall to narrow it down and brush swatches of each contender on the wall to compare. You commit, purchase gallons of paint, tape off the room and coat your walls with the perfect [...]

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Artificial Light Choices for Energy and Design

As you analyze how light will affect a room, it’s important to consider not just natural light, but the effects of artificial light as well. The lighting you choose – even down to the bulbs and wattage – can change not only the look and feel of a room but also can affect your energy [...]

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Aspira Interior Design

Aspiration means "inhalation" or "breathing." It was once believed that our breath was our soul or spirit, which might explain why we talk about "breathing life into" something, or coming up with energy and ideas to invigorate it. How else to breathe life into something than with ambition and drive, in other words, "spirit"?