Aspirational Design SessionGet Unstuck With Our Aspirational Design Session

There’s a certain type of room you’ve been dreaming of. But maybe your spouse or significant other has been dreaming of something different. You thought it would help if you both took a trip to the furniture store or paint store, but with so many choices, it’s overwhelming. No wonder you’ve spent a lot of time there only to leave empty-handed.

It’s clear you both want to move forward and transform your space. It’s just that you can’t get on the same page. Until now.

The Aspirational Design Session is the perfect first step for so many of our clients.

It’s a terrific way for you to get unstuck by getting clear on your interior design options from here, whether that ultimately involves handling the design on your own or hiring Aspira to see the project through. Just one in-home consult with an experienced interior design professional from Aspira can save you a world of time, money and energy, all while working toward a result you’ll love.

What’s Included:

  • Up to a 90-minute consultation on a room of your choice
  • Review photos, clippings, and websites of rooms that inspire you.
  • Sketch a possible floor plan and discuss furniture styles and selections that work.
  • Select a color scheme
  • Develop a preliminary budget for your room
  • Create an Action Plan for your next steps

We’ll listen to your needs, answer all of your questions and get you on track for creating a beautiful room that works for you. Not to mention your Illinois Registered Interior Designer will make the session an enjoyable and fun experience.

At the conclusion of your session, you’ll have two outstanding paths to follow:

  • Get The Ideas To Move Forward On Your Own

For just $495 total, you’ll have an array of solid, practical design ideas that you can then use toward a plan that fits your style and budget. We’ll give you the inspiration and you can take it from there. 

  • Have Aspira Take Care Of Everything For You

If, after your session, you’d like to hire Aspira for the project, the $495 from your Aspirational Design Package can be applied toward a whole room or whole house project within 60 days.

Take the essential first step to create a room that you’ll truly love.

“Thank you for everything…your professionalism with a personal touch, your ‘non-pushy’ demeanor and your exceptional decorating expertise.

John and I are so happy and we appreciate your open attitude in respecting our ideas as well. We love how our dining room turned out. The murals, beautiful dining room set and the unique carpet with border is exactly what we wanted. Also, John’s office is spectacular.

You will be the first person we call when we “tackle” another room.”

– John and Bev Schwan